Aquí se presentan los proyectos libres desarrollados por el siguiente equipo de alumnos de Coding

Saraih Alexandra Cuevas de León
Saraih Alexandra Cuevas de LeónCoding
Dylan Cueva
Dylan CuevaCoding
Jorge Enmanuel Abreu Luis
Jorge Enmanuel Abreu LuisCoding
Wilan Ortiz
Wilan OrtizCoding
Juliangel Abraham Suriel Delgado
Juliangel Abraham Suriel DelgadoCoding

Remade projects (Remade)

Improvements, level expansions, bug fixes that students apply on their own and inspiration.

Presentación Juego

Animación de como fue hecho el Juego de la Serpiente, en las voces de sus propios autores.

Pac-Man game

Juliangel renames this game to: Jabali Pacman with the following adjustments:

  1. Trade ghosts for wild boars
  2. The pacman will be another bigger boar.
  3. Swap the white dots for balls of thorns.
  4. Develop four levels, inside with five worlds each.
  5. Assigns him golden thorn power launches a giant lightning bolt
  6. Create maze in circles

Jorge renames this game to: The Pacman Game with the following adjustments:

  1. Put an eye and more details on the Pacman.
  2. Put the biggest Pacman
  3. Color the Level balls
  4. Channels like maze.
  5. Wider channels.
  6. Use fruits for prizes
  7. It puts a screen at the end of each level, indicating: Exceeded the level and the points achieved.
  8. Create five worlds, each with five levels (requires doing them in sequence).
  9. Each of the fruits gives a power to the Pacman:
    1. Banana gives laser beams.
    2. Apple gives super speed
    3. Kiwifruit gives ghosts power to eat
    4. Pear gives shield that protects from ghosts.