Books that you can buy on Amazon through the links we offer

Category 1: How to improve your English

The Daily 5: Fostering Literacy in the Elementary Grades 2nd Edition

I Read It, but I Don’t Get It: Comprehension Strategies for Adolescent Readers

Strategies That Work, 3rd edition: Teaching Comprehension for Engagement, Understanding, and Building Knowledge, Grades K-8 | Classroom Learning Book | Strategies for Reading Comprehension third edition

The Black Book of Speaking Fluent English: The Quickest Way to Improve Your Spoken English

Category 2: Grammar

English Grammar: 100 Tragically Common Mistakes (and How to Correct Them)

The Perfect English Grammar Workbook: Simple Rules and Quizzes to Master Today’s English

The English Grammar Workbook for Grades 6, 7, and 8: 125+ Simple Exercises to Improve Grammar, Punctuation, and Word Usage Paperback

Complete English Grammar Rules: Examples, Exceptions, Exercises, and Everything You Need to Master Proper Grammar (The Farlex Grammar Book Book 1)

Category 3: Public speaking

The Art Of Public Speaking: Learning To Enhance Confidence And Speak Out In Front Of Audiences: How To Improve Public Speaking Skills

How To Win Friends and Influence People Kindle Edition

Effective Communication: The ultimate guide to communicate better, develop charisma and improve your dialogue skills. How to be persuasive and speak confidently … at work,in relationships, and in public

How To Improve Your Social Skills: Guide to Learn How to Improve Your Conversation for Effective Speaking and Make new Friends and Stop Negative People

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